November's Vibrant and Versatile Gemstone: Citrine

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Happy November! We are officially in the throes of autumn and the vibrant November birthstone, Citrine, could not come at a better time! Named after the warm yellow tone of the Citron, a refreshing, lemon-like citrus fruit, this beauty is all you need to keep toasty this autumn.

Versatile and vibrant, Citrine is available in hues ranging from buttery yellow, rich gold, warm amber and fiery red. It is the perfect choice to stylishly warm up any ensemble. And no worries showing off your Citrine jewelry while preparing your Thanksgiving feast, or decorating a Christmas tree; these gemstones are not only gorgeous, but one of the strongest and most durable.

Citrine is ideal for both large statement jewelry and smaller pieces for everyday, casual wear. 

Our stunning 15 carat Citrine and diamond ring is the perfect marriage of extravagant luxury and durable function; add a touch of subtle sparkle with our vivid orange Citrine tension set in a sleek yellow gold band; or a beautiful earthly glamour with our Citrine and gold earrings


Some fun facts about Citrine

1) Although often compared to the Topaz, the similar-looking stones are from two completely different, unrelated families!

2) Because of their believed positive mystical properties, many ancient cultures integrated Citrine in their cultures. Citrine was used by ancient Egyptians to craft valuable talismans, by Greeks as carving tablets on which to record notable religious and historical events, and by Roman priests to create rings and other jewelry.

3) Not only is Citrine aesthetically attractive, but it is also one of the most affordable (and most frequently purchased) gemstones. Wow!


Citrine Band Ring Olympic Gold Jewelry Fine Jewelry Beverly Hills

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