Accessorize Pearl-fectly for the Month of June!

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Summer is here, and this season calls for easy breezes and beachy hues!

Bring an effortlessly chic component to any outfit with pearls, the birthstone of June. Now, I’m not just talking about your grandma’s old strand (as lovely as they are); the world of pearls is as vast and diverse as the deep blue.

Pearls come in many varieties, including Akoya, Tahitian, White South Sea, and Gold South Sea, as well as countless shapes, sizes, and tones, ranging from bright, luminous white to velvety, incandescent black.

Channel you inner mermaid with pink, lavender, or blue-silver Akoya pearls, or unleash your  internal sophisticate with a luxurious strand of chocolate brown or refined silver-grey pearls like the Gabrielle Sanchez strand. Nothing is more classic, radiant, and timeless than these beauties.

The enduring appeal of pearls has spanned centuries, so do your part to keep the tradition alive! By buying our vintage pearls, you’re both maximizing your style and minimizing your (high-heeled!) carbon footprint. Purchasing vintage pearls limits the need to harvest natural pearls, an already sparse resource that is becoming increasingly cost-prohibitive. Didn’t you hear? Social responsibility is in vogue!

In addition to this consideration, vintage pieces often  boast first-rate artistry and excellent quality, a feature of the hand-crafted jewelry of the past rather than the mass-produced pieces of today. So girls, I’d say it’s time to give pearls a whirl!

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